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The Tea Party Is Not Extreme; The Snarky Leftwing Media Are

The Tea Party Is Not Extreme; The Snarky Leftwing Media Are

  Contrary to broad-gauge assertions against the Tea Party since the start of the grass-roots movement, right at the fledgling start of the movement, the Tea Party is not extremist, except in the ‘minds’ of the libeling media that simply do not know what the hell they are saying. We have been a Tea Party […]

Sexing the Dead

Sexing the Dead

Latest (and possibly the one most likely to raise eyebrows of a permanently cynicized public) outrage to hit the news world is that Egyptian authorities…

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Marion D.S. Dreyfus Marion D.S. Dreyfus is a communications pro, writing in a range of styles on subjects such as the films of Woody Allen and John Carpenter, pharmaceutical entities, shari’a infiltration, safaris with camera to knowing what to do with lightning when you’re lost in the wild, prison reform and homeland security, to taking on meretricious international media. Currently director of public information for a Washington-based think tank (content development: Security) as well as director of media relations for a national grassroots organization watchdog on charter schools (content development: misappropriation of funds/education/language specialties), she has been a writer/editor in a top ten global advertising agency. A professor at two NYC-based colleges (linguistics, business communications). Dreyfus is a longtime documentary film judge at two annual festivals, national film reviewer for the National Writers Union and other outlets, and a regular contributor to a hedge-fund blog, DAILY SPECULATIONS. In addition, she is a public relations consultant and presenter for the semi-annual Publicity Summit held in NYC, and columnist for Real Travel Adventures magazine and general interest, prize-winning New York Monthly Herald. She edits a condominium newsletter in the Upper West Side. During 2003 – 2005, Dreyfus taught in four universities in China; wrote for weeklies, dailies and a variety of topical blogs; hosted a radio show in Wuhan, Hubei province, PRC; and debated healthcare, medicine and new drug entities. A Middle Eastern activist and pundit; reviews film, theatre, TV, restaurants (a dozen reviews in each annual ZAGAT’s); calligraphs lettres, including notes from rock stars and plaques to Russian leaders; performs in the NYC-sited Opera Espresso company (OTELLO [2006], Cavalleria Rusticana [2007]), acts (“The Loves of Schopenhauer”—2007), publishes and performs original poetry; coaches speechmakers; and vets medical documentation for the reticent FDA. Journalistic endeavors in four continents, major travel includes 80+ countries; lived and worked in six.

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