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8 Simple Rules For Destroying a Republic

8 Simple Rules For Destroying a Republic

  We see unfolding before our very eyes the systematic dismantling of the greatest country and political experiment ever devised by the mind of man. How is this being accomplished? How is it being done so quickly and right under our noses? Why? These are questions I hear often and I thought it might be […]

Read This, Yule Be Glad You Did

Read This, Yule Be Glad You Did

  The following are thoughts on Christmas and Hanukkah provided by the writers at the Daily Pamphlet. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas,…

The American Phoenix

The American Phoenix

It has been five days since Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election. Although reports of massive voter fraud continue to flood the web, we…

America R.I.P. 1776 – 2012

America R.I.P. 1776 – 2012

  America has made her decision. Progressives, liberals and low information voters ruled the day and decided that Barack Obama’s record of epic failure and…

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Alan Levesque Alan Levesque is the publisher of The Daily Pamphlet. In addition to his editorial duties, Alan is also a columnist who contributes to the site on a regular basis. Alan's opinions are shaped by over fifty years of real world experience. Alan has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has also visited many foreign countries. Alan is a Christian and a proud conservative. Alan is an advocate for free speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms and the death penalty. Alan is staunchly anti-abortion and believes in individual rights and a small non-intrusive Federal Government. Alan is a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay Florida area and is married with children.

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