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SyrianAngerRevolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John McCain came out recently and said we should arm the freedom fighters in Syria. John needs to spend more time on his iPad. Most freedom fighters are peace-loving people, not soldiers. They want to live free, not die.


Social media, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can do what shock and awe, subterfuge and sanctions will not do. Free the oppressed.

What defines social media? Are words too common? Has photography, as a means of depiction become passé? Is sound, normally music to our ears, second hand? Words, pictures and sound, are all considered to be traditional art forms. It’s more popular to opt for the culmination of all these traditional art forms, in video, movies, and the act. There’s no contention that the publishing of news, magazines and books can produce art. The same holds true for music and movie production, they are all established art forms.

So what do YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and social media in general, bring to the table in terms of art form? A new art form? I think not. Facilitators? I think so. Social media brings freedom of expression. Freedom of expression creates art. Think light speed. Social media creates freedom of expression at light speed. All one can do is imagine the creativity bottled up inside each and every one of us!

So are we ignoring the obvious? Twitter and Facebook are the path to freedom in Syria and beyond… Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous. They can, persona non grata, topple Middle Eastern dictatorships

There can be an end to ignorance, hatred and divisiveness. Our hope is that the word, the depiction, the song and the act, can bring even greater gratification to civilization starved populations. The culmination of art forms can be amplified through the expression of social media.

Today, through technology, the future is 24/7 and it is happening before we can create it! The future is freedom of expression that will bring worlds, once far apart, together. Suppressors of freedom, dictators, communists, socialists, have all been put on notice. There’s no escape. Social media is blowing up their skirts.

Instead of dropping leaflets, like they did on occupied Germany and France in WWII and beyond, drop USB key drives and SIM cards for cell phones with a message of hope.

We need to drop Smart Phones not Smart Bombs into countries ruled by dictators and religious zealots! Cell phones and the internet may be blocked but USB devices are ubiquitous.

Ask the supporters of the dictators to drop their weapons and cross the line to a world of promise and freedom from oppression. “The Enemy Within” was an episode in the original Star Trek series. The evil incarnation of Captain Kirk was beamed up to the Starship Enterprise. The good incarnation of Kirk defeats the evil kirk by using sheer willpower and a little help from First Officer Spock and Chief Engineer Scotty.

The free world surely has the resources and ingenuity of Spock and Scotty to give the freedom fighters in Syria, and beyond, the willpower that comes from within. The good people of Syria, and beyond, will cross the line and choose to live free.

Let them know their leaders are slaughtering their own people. Let them know, those who are freedom fighters, that the whole world is with them. Let them know the whole world is outraged by the brutal dictatorship and will punish the perpetrators of human cruelty. Let them know we are grieving their losses. Let them know that the true spirit of freedom, and the goodwill of humankind, is on their side.

Lead with words! A double entendre that would be rendered empty without the help of real life martyrs, real life freedom fighters, brave, passionate people dating all the way back to our own founding fathers.

Let’s do what we can to help them “live” not “die” for freedom. Let’s show our support and Tweet and Facebook (post) a message now to all your fans and friends, “Live free, Not Die!” to get the message out to our Middle Eastern and African neighbors who live under oppressive dictators.

Here at home, let’s put a face on freedom. Tweet and Facebook the message. Live free, not die. Bullets and bombs are cruel and will not discriminate, but truth and freedom will prevail. Twitter them free.

Wikipedia – Telecommunications in Syria is slowly moving towards liberalization, with a number of licenses awarded and services launched in the Internet service provision market. The initiative reflects the government’s change in attitude towards liberalization, following its promise to the European Union to liberalize markets by 2010. All other forms of fixed-line communications are provided by the state owned operator, Syrian Telecom (Syriatel or STE).[1]

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