And I Will Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger


Sarah Palin's family at the announcement of Sa...

Sarah Palin’s family at the announcement of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As 27 families prepare to bury loved ones, I am struck nearly dumb by the absolute frothing at the mouth by Liberals on the social media, on the MSM, and even a moronic statement from Rupert Murdoch, a foreigner, about gun control in the United States-especially considering the giant increase in crime in his home, Australia, ever since the melting down of all legal guns in Oz.


For the sake of disclosure, I am a gun rights advocate. I am a Second Amendment believer. I am firmly for gun ownership in the United States for a few reasons:

  1. Criminals have them, therefore I should be able to defend myself, my family, and my property from those who would hurt us.
  2. The framers formed a Democratic Republic, but knew that when Americans stopped taking their responsibility of informed voting seriously, the need may arise to oust a tyrant, were our country to turn to a mob-ruled democracy, where tyranny could thrive.
  3. As our tyrannical government further weakens us, with idiotic economic decisions, a vastly weakened military, and a constant flow of felons across our unguarded borders, I have a greater need to protect my family, where my government refuses to, or is too weak to do so.

Never in my life have I seen such violent vitriol from a group of people, as I have seen for the last five years. The left regularly threatens rape, torture, kidnapping, and murder to anyone who disagrees with them. The most recent and ironic, was the fountain of death threats leveled against the President of The National Rifle Association, apparently in retaliation for the murders in Connecticut. And no, I doubt the brain surgeons making those threats even see the irony of their threats of murder. In fact, the left, who murder millions of innocent babies each year through abortion (or as they call it “birth control”), who vilified George W. Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, just re-elected Barack Obama, who at present has our military on the ground in no less than 7 African nations, has just deployed another 20,000 or so troops to Iraq (He had a “mission accomplished” moment when he pulled our troops from Iraq by the way), and who uses drones to execute American Citizens, without trial and keeps a “kill list” of others he plans to kill from above with robot airplanes.

Never in my life, before Obama’s first campaign for President had I seen such misogyny, where a high-profile lefty like Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a c**t and Sandra Bernhardt threatened that she would be raped. Sarah Palin was the sitting governor of The State of Alaska, and Vice Presidential nominee at the time. This election cycle, the threats of murder by Obama voters against Mitt Romney were too many to count, and the threats of shooting George Zimmerman, for shooting someone bent on killing him, were a daily occurrence.

I’m no prude. I like a good action movie. I too laughed at Samuel L. Jackson quoting scripture while murdering people in “Pulp Fiction,” but probably not for the reasons most did. I got the irony of quoting the word of God, when committing murder, something forbidden by the 10 Commandments. I thought that was why Tarantino wrote the script that way, though I am probably wrong. It was written that way, so that people would enjoy watching murder. You see, Hollywood has been involved in glorifying rape, torture, and murder for quite some time. James Stewart would never have acted in the crap that is made today, nor would Bogie, or Clark Gable. I don’t think any of the Republicans who made up Hollywood back then would. Back then, the silver screen for the most part, projected the values that most of the actors, directors and producers lived. The bad guys always got what they had coming. There wasn’t infidelity in every film, and no starlet asked their co-star to “f**k me” on screen. Times were different. Today, Hollywood peddles their slashed porn, murder porn, and porn at every turn. There is no way for we parents to keep our children’s’ innocence intact past the age of 8, because between Hollywood and the MSM, we/they are bombarded with rap music that extolls the virtues of pimping, slapping hoes, and selling crack and weed. They are bombarded with sophisticated plans to dismember wives and girlfriends in the movies. They are bombarded with serial rapists and murderers on multiple television shows. And the cherry on top-there is actually an “action figure” for the main character in the show “Dexter,” who is a serial killer, replete with all the “tools” of the trade he uses to torture and dismember his victims.

Yes, you America have made your bed. You continue to buy this garbage. You continue to stand in line for the latest hip/hop/rap record put out by a drug dealer turned rapper, who has a rap-sheet as long as your left arm, with a picture denigrating Jesus on the cover of the record, and lyrics about murder and mayhem inside. You go to the midnight showing of the latest slasher-porn movie, wherein a group of friends are subject to devious torture, dismemberment, vivisection, and all the while you are munching away on your nine dollar popcorn. You tweet about how devious Dexter was last night, when he murdered and cut up victim number 59 since the show started. You, America buy all of this, continually increasing the paychecks of the deranged sickos who write and direct it, egging them on to make more and more, and then you wonder why your child, your precious child goes out and acts out the stuff he watches on your DVR while you are making dinner, or are entertaining guests in the back yard. You wonder why your child becomes withdrawn, and starts wearing all black, and talking about death all the time, not knowing, because you didn’t ask, that he has been going to movies in which the main character tortures relentlessly, other human beings, over and over again, in eight or ten sequels.

It’s not guns you need to worry about, it’s your kids. It’s the kid in my son’s second grade class, whose dad thinks it’s funny to let him watch all the Saw movies on a Saturday, because his dad has to work, and it’s his weekend to have his son stay at his house. It’s the kid down the street, who your kid beats up and steals his lunch money daily, and you know nothing about it, because you are too busy watching Dexter, or Jersey freaking Shore to stop and be a parent. It’s the kids in the inner city who have been taught since they were 2, that selling drugs is cool, and studying is for assholes, and they do their first drive by at 13, to get “jumped into” a gang-cause they have no family life, no father they know of, and no hope, because the government you elected gives them money in support of their anti-social, lazy, criminal behavior. It’s the family down the street, who you know beats up their kids, but you are too lazy and chicken s**t to tell someone what you saw.

It is your fault America. Look no further than the mirror. You let your kids stay up past their bedtime and be exhausted for school. You let your 18 year old High School kid drink, because you think it is better to be his/her friend, rather than their parent. You let your High School kid smoke dope, because you didn’t want a big argument, and well, because you did some of that at his age, and you turned out okay, so he will too?! Right?

The problem in our country is self-inflicted. Most of the world is far more violent than America. We just continue to let people less intelligent than us run the show. We let Hollywood dictate what we watch by standing by and not calling the filth they peddle what it is-anti-social, sociopathic filth that is not fit for the time expenditure of watching it. We stand by while we have morons who have never worked in their lives run our lives. We let our police departments become paramilitary organizations, our politicians be lawless, and we don’t have a clue what is going on in our children’s lives. We give tacit approval to all the devious, delinquent, anti-social behavior when we stand by and watch it, without speaking up.

At some point, we have to understand that the second amendment has nothing to do with the violence in our country. The behavior of the so-called adults, which has led to the degradation of education, and the social growth of our young people is where the problem lies. Look at the kids going to school with your kids and ask yourself if any of them are fit for leadership of this country when your child is your age. When that answer is no, ask yourself why! Because they sit around watching slasher-porn, playing grand theft auto, and smoking dope. They don’t study, and what they do study is rubbish that when we were kids was about 8 grades below where it is now. The curriculum is designed by the “powers that be” to make your kids stupid. It is designed to hide reality and fact from them, so that they are pushovers. It is designed to brain wash them, so that they take on the personas of the worst our society has to offer, like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorn, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama-all bomb-throwers and Marxists in their youth, all haters of our way of life, all Marxists now, and all in on the con. Wake up. If you are responsible, you can make your kids responsible. If we all do that, then these misogynistic malcontents who we allowed to be elected, whom we allow to teach our children, and who shower our society with mega-violence, hatred and anti-American rubbish won’t win the day. I fear it is too late. But, if you are like me, and you can’t sleep these days, because of the bed we all made, then get off your ass. Be a parent, a responsible citizen, say no to all the crap that Hollywood pushes on us, say no to the MSM who bombard us with mega-violence, and anti-constitutional propaganda, and for your sake and mine, know what your kids are doing. If you know what they are doing, eating, drinking, smoking, snorting, and watching/listening to, you may be a hero and avert a tragedy like the one in Newtown, CT.

3 Responses to And I Will Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger

  1. OldBuddyEd December 18, 2012 at 11:07 am

    THIS —-> "But, if you are like me, and you can’t sleep these days, because of the bed we all made, then get off your ass. Be a parent, a responsible citizen, say no to all the crap that Hollywood pushes on us, say no to the MSM who bombard us with mega-violence, and anti-constitutional propaganda, and for your sake and mine, know what your kids are doing."


    • Alan_Levesque December 20, 2012 at 8:34 pm

      Media, be it TV, movies or books will feed us all the depraved garbage we will eat. Only when it becomes economic suicide for them to continue pushing the bilge will they stop.

    • Matthew S. Harrison
      MSH January 11, 2013 at 12:54 am

      Ed-That is so much my point, in almost everything I write. Our nation is one of laziness, ignorance, and inaction. I see and hear kids my sons' ages who at 7 and 10 have watched all of the Saw movies, who play mega-violent video games, and are free to watch HBO, including porn and murder porn.
      Parenting is mostly dead in the US(save for conservative family-values oriented folks). It is disgusting, and I am sad to say, I have been long examining an exit strategy to take my kids elsewhere!
      Matt Harrison


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