An Open Letter To The DNC

suckitDear Debbie Wasserman Schultz & DNC and Main-stream Media Propagandists of the DNC,

In the last fifteen or so years, you have shown nothing but contempt for your countrymen. During the Bush era, you tacitly approved of a feature film denoting and wishing for the assassination of George W. Bush. You knowingly lied to the American public when WMD were not only known to be in Iraq, but were found there, including large amounts of yellow cake uranium, and chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction. Additional weapons from Saddam Hussein’s arsenal have since been found in mass quantities in Syria, and in the hands of Hezbollah, yet you still deny their presence in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein gassed tens of thousands of Kurds, and used them repeatedly on the Iranians.

Further to the above, you now want to go to war in Syria, in a limited capacity of course, in order to “scare” Assad into submission. Oddly, you seem to forget he has the Iranians and Russians on his side, and is not at all afraid of our “Unbelievably small” intended attack. You also, somehow, in your tiny little minds, think that Iran will negotiate-the same Iran who have repeatedly helped ours and Israel’s enemies, during our prosecution of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who are presently known to be producing chem/bio weapons in multiple locations, and who’s leadership has openly boasted about pulling the wool over Obama’s eyes and pretending to sincerely want an end to the proliferation of WMD in the Middle East.

Those things, by themselves should be enough to oust you all from any position of decision making power. In fact, the citizens of this once great nation should be at the steps of every seat of power in our country, controlled by R’s and D’s alike, with pitchforks and torches, and sharpening the blades of the guillotines. But wait, there’s more!

As you have prosecuted your anti-American policies going back to Jimmy Carter, you now continue to derail our social and financial systems. At present, the Federal Reserve Bank continues to pump fiat by buying assets your friends bought, but now don’t want, further devaluing our currency, and propping up the value of our enemies’ currency, in a game of Russian roulette. While you do that, you threaten to end our economy in one fell-swoop with the full implementation of Obamacare, which already promises to raise the cost of an average family of 4’s health insurance by $7500/year. In many states, people are seeing a 300% increase in the cost of their insurance, while at the same time losing the doctors they have built relationships with for decades. Add to that the fact that Obamacare took 25 million Americans off Medicaid, and has put more people into the category of uninsured, and you have caused complete chaos. Now, you tell us the “exchanges” are not only not ready, but they are completely pervious to hackers, who can in a few key-strokes on a computer change citizens insurance status, and access our most intimate personal information. You also tell us that there is nothing to be afraid of with Obamacare, while many people in cities like Los Angeles will be relegated to very few primary care physicians to choose from, giving them months, if not years to wait for an appointment with one of 1500 doctors allocated for millions of insured. If this is happening with PCP’s, then no one will be able to get lifesaving surgery, cancer treatment, and treatment for diseases such as AS, which I have, and which necessitates monthly visits with multiple doctors. Add to that, the fact you are going to have convicted felons as un-bonded “helpers” to guide people through application for Obamacare, who will have access to our intimate financial and healthcare records, to complete the O-care trifecta!

Throughout my adult life, I have been threatened by Democrats with single-payor health-care, a la the Canadian and United Kingdom healthcare systems. There, horror stories like the “Liverpool Gateway” (which is murder of the elderly and decrepit, rather than treating their illnesses) are the norm. Citizens of both countries travel to the US, Costa Rica, and of all places India to get simple bypass and knee replacement surgeries. Imagine that, leaving a first world country to avail one’s self of life-saving surgery in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! I have been warned since childhood that the fascists were at the gates, and that their final push to total fascism in the freest country on earth would be done with government provided healthcare. I have watched Canada and The United Kingdom regress to third world status within their medical systems. I have watched friends, with whom I grew up in Michigan become prominent heart surgeons in Detroit, who work but 3 days a week and make tens of millions of dollars, providing cardiac surgeries to rich Canadians, who escape Canada to have bypass and valve-job surgeries to save their lives. And I have watched as you elites have legislated yourselves sweetheart insurance, in avoidance of the “law of the land,” as you also have done with insider trading, taxation, and many other laws that I must follow, but from which you are exempt. I am terrified-this is fascism at its truest and most basic. For thee-and not for me. Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Benito Mousselini, Mao Tse Tung, and Kim Jong Il smile up upon you from the depths of hell.

You have a knack for lying, the likes of which are only matched inside the correctional institutions dotting our landscape from coast to coast. You promise economic growth. You promise healthcare which everyone can afford. You promise crime reduction through confiscation of firearms. Your promises are violations of the civil rights of all Americans, and the laws you have passed and those which you propose, exempt you completely. While you make sweetheart deals with pharmaceutical companies and the Bar Association, to keep drug costs high and litigation at a hundred billion dollar a year pace, we suffer. Healthcare is not a civil right. It is a commodity which must be bought and managed by the individual. You can’t manage the five million or so men and women under the VA’s care-what makes you think you can manage the healthcare of 315 million Americans and the 25 million ILLEGAL ALIENS you want to allow to stay here? You cannot manage the EPA, who rampantly attacks citizens. You can’t manage the communistic NLRB, who act outside the law of the land completely. You cannot manage the cost of our defense. You are inept at all stages of management. And you, more than the Republicans are to blame. There are very few members of your Capitol Hill contingent, and only a couple in the White House, who have ever been in any business other than politics. The president you foisted on America has never held a real job. Yet, you pushed him on us-lied about his credentials, helped him hide his true background, and you want us to trust you and him, to manage our most intimate aspects of life.

While I sit here, I wonder if this isn’t anything other than a coup. Alan Grayson said last week he was glad America was becoming socialist. Maxine Waters said recently that Obamacare was a planned back-door move to single-payor healthcare for America. At last count, there were more than 70 “democrats” on the hill who were listed as card carrying members of the Socialist Party. And while all this back-door mayhem takes place, you, with the help of the emperor you have emplaced in the White House, are carefully and diligently dismantling once and for all, the middle class. You claim to support them, but in the end, what you do is drive our country to a communist state, whereby you, the ruling class, keep your wealth, as you steal the wealth of the middle class, and turn them into serfs. You cannot have a Marxist utopia, without a burgeoning and in line, proletariat. You seem to have won. But wait, there’s more.

As you giggle over your grasshoppers and other girly drinks you Democrats toss back at your DC cocktail parties, there are a few members of the RNC who are not bought and sold members of the old guard, and not in on the con with you! While Karl Marx Rove attempts to help you, and while John McShame and his girlfriend Lindsey Graham continue to push us closer to submission, the Tea Party is looking better and better to many Americans. In fact, while Harry Reid spews his hysterical attacks against private citizens calling us Anarchists, because we don’t want the government telling us what to eat, smoke, drink, and when and how we gain treatment from doctors, Americans realize more and more the government is too big, has too much power, and is not acting in our best interest. It is now that you should be thinking about an exit strategy, because before too long, the citizens of this country are going to realize once and for all that you are here to destroy us, rob us of what little is left of our wealth, and consign us to a life of serfdom, replete with the holiday of Boxing Day, whereby you elitist scum package up the leftovers from your holiday dinners and cast your scraps to we useless, unwashed masses. That isn’t going to happen Debbie. That isn’t going to happen Barack, or Harry or Nancy. The people will rise up. It will be soon. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, as your law-breaking, your legislation through edict and fiat, will catch up to you, the way it did Louis XVI and his Michelle Obama-esque wife Marie Antoinette. Guillotines aren’t looking too bad to the American people right now.


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