An Open Letter To Marco Rubio


English: United States Senator Jim DeMint at a...

English: United States Senator Jim DeMint at a rally for United States Senate candidate Rand Paul in Erlanger, Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Senator, Rubio,


It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter to you today.  I was one of those who saw your campaign for the Senate as a light in a sea of darkness, offering the opportunity for a man who truly believed in his country to go to Washington to support the Constitution, our God and the American people.

While I still believe you have good intentions, I fear that one issue if handled as currently proposed will do more to destroy the nation I love than any IRS, NSA or other scandal that has been perpetrated against us.

I am much older than you but also a close descendant of immigrants.  But in my forebears’ time, immigrants weren’t granted entry into the United States without having a job already lined up and a sponsor committed to their welfare.  Today, instead, we have thousands of illegal aliens coming to the United States while the government advertises “goodies.”  Why are we running ads on Spanish radio south of the border for food stamps?

As you have certainly surmised by now, Senator, the issue of which I speak is immigration and the way you and your colleagues in the Senate are dealing with it.  I know you want to solve the problem, but your solution is actually even more ridiculous than the solution used in 1986, legislation that clearly made matters far worse at the time.  Mark my word, if this passes as proposed, we will have a problem ten years from now that will make today’s issues look like a Sunday school picnic.

I don’t oppose finding a way to eliminate the problem, but without solid enforcement of our border that will never happen.  And, Senator, in your heart you have to know that by giving Janet Napolitano and any officials in this corrupt administration override authority, nothing will be done to improve the border situation.  It will remain wide open, only now the flow of unlawful entrants will be even heavier.  All will be looking for a “free lunch” in the “New and Improved Promised Land.”  Frankly, Senator, after what has already happened in America, citizens have absolutely no reason to believe anything that government says, for actions always speak louder than words.

President Obama has made it clear, as have his key players, that they see no problem with the border.  Really, they see no problem at the border despite kidnappings, death, and the destruction of private property by people who have also been infiltrated by terrorists and drug dealers.  This has been going on for generations; I witnessed it first hand when I attended the University of Arizona in the 1960’s.  And despite all of the congressional talk about correcting the problem, it has continued to get worse.

Even the union representing our border agents has spoken out against the current proposal, yet all of you elected officials have turned a deaf ear to them.  It’s as if none of you even care.  I pray that is really not the case.

I also know that with the full implementation of Obamacare, employers in the United States will have a reason to give former illegal entrants a green light to employment that existing citizens need.  And you ask, How is that possible?  Well, since they aren’t governed by Obamacare, the employer can hire them, once given legal status, without having to worry about the health care law or the fines.  Meanwhile, the American participation percentage in the workforce is at a thirty year low since the government never reports the true unemployment picture.  The 7.5% unemployment rate being cited is a joke; just get out of the Beltway and visit mainstream America and you can’t miss the truth.

Finally, the figure of eleven million that you use in your impassioned pleas is way off the mark.  I trust the Heritage Foundation for its hard work, even though many of you trash it and your old supporter Jim DeMint, and they show it is closer to thirty million.  Family chain entry will cause this and once the door is open it can’t be stopped.  Plus, you also must know that once you give the green light, Chuck Schumer will be running to the cameras proclaiming that this is too harsh and it must be changed, weakening it even further.  This will also ensure that the Democrats have a foolproof majority for generations, the real reason why they want this so badly.

So Senator, I will close with this.  If you really want to eliminate the immigration problem, close the border first.  If this isn’t done, nothing you ladies and gentlemen do will eliminate the issue but, instead, it will backfire.  Close the border first and you can then constructively, and honestly, debate and work your way through the other issues one by one.  This is far preferable to allowing the Democratic majority to “jam” another bad piece of legislation down the throats of Americans.   A nearly one thousand page law, winner take all, is never a solution to anything.  In no way can this legislation be considered a “winner” for conservative Americans, the very type of people who supported your election.

I hope you will pray on this and do the right thing.  It’s not too late to do that.  Forget the lobby groups, the Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, and the National Association of Manufacturers.  It’s time to do what’s right for the American people, the ones who sadly must pay the price for everything.  Unfortunately, the money they have to do this with is dwindling rapidly due to requirements such as the costly impact this bill will mandate.

May God put your heart in His hands and may God help America.


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