America’s Suicide

Dear America,

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You brought this on yourselves. You didn’t vote in every election, but when you did vote, you voted for misanthropes, morons, communists, RINOS, felons, and other ner-do-wells who had no business in public office.

While putting all of these brain surgeons in office, you wrote your own obituary. You allowed school systems in our country to actually teach courses on “ebonics”….for those of you who aren’t politically correct, or don’t know what that is, it is JIVE. Yes, they really do that in Oakland, CA-they teach “ebonics” to kids who already speak ebonics. That’s like teaching Spanish to Mexican border jumpers, and not throwing them out of class when they get a B!

Yes, you America, have allowed the Liberals to unionize teachers, whereby the unions they are in are communist run, and go so far as to produce propaganda damning wealthy Americans for working hard and having the nerve to keep their money, and not give it to “poor people” (in other words, those who refuse to work as hard as the wealthy, who didn’t finish school, etc). Chicago Teachers Union members recently attended a  multi-day symposium/conference on Marxism -no really they did!

You America, continue to elect misanthropes like Alan Grayson, who called his opponent in the election where he lost his congressional seat “Taliban Dan.” Yes, he called a Republican opponent Taliban: inferring that he murders women and children, rapes children and livestock, and grows opium to pay the bills. You have elected the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who while Speaker of The House, flew home on a 757 on a regular basis at a cost to you America, of millions of dollars, misappropriating USAF assets for her own pleasure-the cost of liquor for her and her “passengers,” most of whom were family, and friends, was north of $100,000. The plane cost $18,000/hr to operate, for her weekly 9 1/2 hours of flight, that’s $171,000 weekly in JP54 (Jet fuel).

You America elected Barack Obama again, a man who has not signed the constitutionally required federal budget into law, the entire time he has been in office. You elected Mr. Obama, who now wants 100% control over the level of the “Debt Ceiling,” which at current rates means we won’t pay of the debt for about 1000 years. This is the man who signed NDAA, which allows the federal government/military to detain YOU, at their leisure, indefinitely, and without warrant or probable cause and render you someplace far away (Think Gitmo), forever, without contact with an attorney, your family, or anyone else for that matter, all the while, demanding that terrorists in Gitmo get trials in US Federal Court, and be granted all the constitutional rights guaranteed YOU, but taken away from you by Obama and NDAA. This is the same man, who now has three of the lawyers who represented all of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, free of charge, in the top three positions at The Department of Justice, the top one being Eric Holder himself.

You America, voted to continue paying nearly half of your countrymen not to work, and to allow all the illegal aliens here (north of 20 million of them), to be granted citizenship, no questions asked, and be granted immediate access to public aid, all of whom will immediately take it, thus guaranteeing when your retirement time comes, there will be none left for you! Mr. Obama actually markets the US Department of Agriculture’s “food stamp” program in Mexico!

You America did this to yourself. You forgot to vote, your car broke down, the sun was in your eyes, there was an earthquake, locusts, etc. And I know, its not your fault the bad guys got into office-but it is. You didn’t stand up and accept your only responsibility as a US Citizen-VOTING. You didn’t research the candidates. You elected Obama twice, and yet you have no idea what his college grades were! You knew the grades and activities of every President before him, and every candidate he ran against, but you didn’t ask for his grades? What were you thinking? You stood by and accepted the fraudulent document claimed to be his birth certificate when Chris Matthews told you it was real, even after every Adobe Photoshop expert on Earth said it was fake! You stood by when a few journalists told you that Mr. Obama was a member of Reverend Wright’s malicious, malevolent, misanthropic, black liberation theology church for 20 years, and didn’t ask more questions! You believed Obama when he said he didn’t listen for 20 years! You stood by when Obama’s friends from college said he was a dyed in the wool Marxist! You stood by when he had a Mao Christmas ornament on the White House tree. You stood by when he emplaced 30 or so czars who have the ability to make up laws (calling them regulations) without any congressional oversight.

I could go on and on and on and make this a book. You America, should be ashamed of yourselves-especially you teachers. You have made this all possible by turning our younger generations into robot morons who have no idea what our true history is, what our constitution means, what the men/ women of our armed forces went through for the last 238 years to defend that constitution, and all the while, you purposely graduated morons, so that your ideology would stand at the ballot box. And now, you “Americans” on the left are angry that a State Trooper was fired in Pennsylvania because he wrote his reports in Jive! You can’t have it both ways lefties! If you keep producing morons in our public school system, they will continue to be unemployable, especially by agencies who are there to protect us from crime, fires, etc. I’m sorry America, but your suicide was a sin, and now you must pay the price.

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