America You Should Be Outraged


By United States Senate [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Right now, the “Gang of 8” is preparing to shove a bill up America’s nether region that should be nothing short of an outrage to all the news networks, every office in DC, and to every corner of our faltering country. Yet, it seems only real conservatives have a problem with the total inundation of our country by somewhere between 11 and 50 million insta-citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are days, maybe weeks away from a total collapse of our economy, and here’s why: If you allow those millions to instantly become eligible for all social programs, the programs will be bankrupted before the first year passes. Additionally, there’s a clause in that wonderful AMNESTY BILL that says those new insta-democrats are exempt from Obamacare.

If they are exempt from Obamacare, they will be taking jobs from a minimum of 11 million Americans. Think about it, you are an employer and you are either going to have to cut everyone’s hours to below 30 per week to stay in business, or you can hire all Aliens and keep everyone on full-time, not buy them insurance, and pay them less than you pay the TAX-PAYING AMERICANS you just fired. Now, you are a patriot, but you have two kids in college, a mortgage, myriad credit your business uses to stay afloat, and your competitors just hired 200 insta-democrats, and are now offering the same product for 25% less than you can with all those expensive American citizens on staff. What do you do? You put your family above your patriotism. You hire the ILLEGALS and you stay in business.

Now, I’m no racist, but I live in Illinois where 2.2 million of these future democrat voters live. I watch 18 year old Mexican kids drive around in $100K Range Rovers. I am sorry, but that money comes from running drugs-PERIOD. These are the kids of the guys who mow my neighbors’ lawns. Their parents are either taking all cash and not paying a dime in taxes, or the kids are selling heroin and blow-which is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in our suburb-with 5 heroin over-doses weekly reported at present. Mind you, my property tax is $13,000/year. You tell me what is wrong with that picture. Furthermore, there are 20 DUI’s monthly in my county that are attributed to ILLEGALS and a dozen or so with fatalities each year. Furthermore, gang murders are becoming more commonplace. This stuff doesn’t go away when these fine folks get their DNC card! It gets worse, because now they can operate freely, without worrying about deportation if they are caught.

Let’s look at the big picture for a minute-the microcosm that is the whole of the USA, not just here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois. Unemployment in the black community is at 25% or so. Unemployment of college age kids is at about the same level, yet all the black liberals, and the college-aged morons, already fully indoctrinated by Bill Ayers clones are cheering the AMNESTY BILL. They say it is racist to be against it. Riddle me this-when did it become racist to believe we live in a sovereign country and any invasion, be it an army with guns or an army of the impoverished, violates the very foundation of the word SOVEREIGN NATION? When? And what did I miss? At what point did we as a nation decide to go inside and lock the doors while this army marched across our borders and took over our nation? And what brain surgeon in the United States Senate decided it would be a good idea to have La Raza run the oversight on these 25 or so million foreign army invaders?

The answers to all of the questions are simple. This is not a humanitarian move by the “Gang of 8” by any stretch of the imagination. The Democrats know that the worse our economy gets the Democrats will not be getting much out of the 2014/16 elections, so they need to buy some votes and buy them quickly. What better way to ensure votes than to give away the birthrights of every American to foreign invaders, thus guaranteeing the return favor of a vote? After all, they will then be told that Republicans want to take away all the free stuff, and will vote D forever-the same way blacks have, ever since LBJ bought them off with the welfare act.

Add to that the simplest aspect of this whole issue, the Obama regime and those like them’s belief  (The new party, and the communist party USA) that America should not be a sovereign nation; rather it should be a borderless land, where all are free to come and go. This has not been a secret, EVER. These America hating types have delusions of America not having a flag (old glory is soon to take a dirt-nap), nor borders, nor a military, as none will be necessary when we are all living in the same squalor, and justice is dispensed in a way that matches the old Soviet Union, whereby the ruling class enjoys all the luxuries of capitalism (through theft of course), while the serfs live in a communist utopia, replete with bread-lines, starvation, medical care for those who rat out neighbors, and a stasi-esque secret police who keep the peace with an iron fist and boots on throats.

Listen, I wish to God I was wrong, but string all of the actions of this regime together, and it is indisputable. They have very specific designs. Obama said it himself; he intended to fundamentally transform America. He has. Capitalism is dying. The system of medical care is systematically being dismantled to the point only the very rich will be able to get critical care (as the Canadians have done for decades flying to the US for by-pass surgery, etc), and that is just for starters. Soon, a panel of leftist lunatics will decide if you or I are “worth saving.” I for one won’t be on any short-lists for critical treatment, given my outspoken criticism of the evil bastards in DC who have destroyed this country that so many men and women died defending.

In short, we have allowed this. We stopped voting a long time ago-stopped caring first. We decided to believe flashy campaign commercials and numbskulls like Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell, all of whom have been in on it from the beginning, all of whom won’t lose a penny or a night’s sleep over Obamacare, Amnesty, or Russia and China’s radical military build-up, as we unilaterally dismantle our nuclear arsenal to the point of being sitting ducks. For, at the end of the day, when that balloon goes up and we are in our final stages of death as a nation, they will still have the G-550’s spooled up at JFK to whisk them off to places far away, where their money and harlots will be awaiting them with drinks with pineapple and umbrellas, while you and I are fighting in the streets for a scrap of food, or to keep the local commissar from forcing our wives to have abortions, in keeping with the “one child” laws that Mr. Biden so fully and openly supports in China.

2 Responses to America You Should Be Outraged

  1. Patricia Burns June 24, 2013 at 2:06 am

    You are EXACTLY what's wrong with America. Your words are ugly and you are playing games with the truth. It's called make it up as I go along and ignore any proof otherwise around me! Please never post anything ever again. Who ever dug this piece of trash out of the archives should have just left it there!

  2. @DRUNK_CANUCK June 26, 2013 at 3:54 am

    "Now, I’m no racist, but I live in Illinois where 2.2 million of these future democrat voters live. I watch 18 year old Mexican kids drive around in $100K Range Rovers. I am sorry, but that money comes from running drugs-PERIOD. "

    I'm sorry where is your proof Mathew? This is a BOLD BOLD BOLD RACIST BOLD ASSUMPTION


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