America The Not-So-Beautiful Anymore


, U.S. Senator from Nebraska.

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a week or so away from the keyboard, I decided there was too much to hold back any longer. So, today, after a visit to the doctor, because my entire family have the flu, I watched as Chuck Hagel was unceremoniously embarrassed (rightfully so) in his confirmation hearing, then sat down to write this piece.

I was going to write about the state of politics in our country. I was going to bring up the fact that four years after he stole the White House with the help of the Libtarded Main Stream Media, Obama and his numbnuts minions are blaming the contraction of our Gross Domestic Product on George Bush and the Republicans in Congress. But that would make this a comedy piece, and I’m not feeling too funny right now, fighting a fever. A fever I have because my sons’ teachers were on strike for two weeks, and then when they went back to work, the families who had just spent their last savings on childcare, sent their kids to school, not able to stay home any longer, and now 300 kids from a student body of only 700, and their families are sick with severe flu.


No, I want to be serious as a heart attack-because the pain in my chest is not from the flu, rather it’s from the absolutely sad state of affairs of our country. At present, POTUS and the other brain surgeons in DC are actually going to deliver a squadron worth of F-16 Fighting Falcons to Egypt. Yes, they actually are going to deliver some of the greatest attack aircraft ever created, to a country in the midst of civil war, who are murdering every Coptic Christian they can find, are raping American journalists in the streets, and have vowed to wipe Jews (whom they claim are the descendants of dogs and apes) from the face of the earth.

Furthermore, John Kerry, who consorted with the North Vietnamese, an act of treason, has just been confirmed as our Secretary of State. This is a man who lied about his service, to obtain medals that real heroes should have been awarded, and then became a tool of the very enemies he claims to have won medals fighting. And he got Republican votes. This is a man, who it has been disclosed through FOIA requests by Jerome Corsi and his media organization, to have had DIRECT CONTACT with our enemy, while we were at war with said enemy.

Add to that, Chuck Hagel, currently nominated by Barack Hussein Obama for the position of Secretary of Defense, once said that “America is the bully of the world,” and also has repeatedly made excuses and given exoneration to islamofascists for terrorist attacks. This is a man who is not a friend of our only real ally in the Middle East (Israel) and has no qualms making statements to such, in public, and on foreign media broadcasts.

Listen, you can look at all of this in any light, and it still just is what it is. We have allowed subversive forces to take over our government at all levels. There are state courts in the United States of America that are making rulings based on Islamic Shariah law. The Federal Government and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are making Shariah home loans, because islamofascists are allergic to interest. This is the same government who are going to force Jews and Christians to stand behind Abortion, all the while excusing Islamofascists from Obamacare completely, because Islam says any insurance is gambling. So while a Catholic doctor is going to be forced to perform abortions or lose his license, a Muslim somewhere in America is not forced to buy $20,000 worth of insurance, and can instead laugh at us for being conned into multiculturalism.

All of this is going on, while our economy is in a total tailspin. The Congress has as of tonight approved an increase in the debt ceiling, which will guarantee the second credit downgrade in US history, (the first occurred last year during Obama’s first term). Is it at all a question as to what this man is here to do?

While Obama and the left force our eyes off of real issues by making us think they are going to come after our guns (something that will never get past the house or the senate), they are systematically dismantling our economy. Why just today, Mr. Obama announced he was pink-slipping his jobs council. At a time when nearly 50 million Americans are so under employed, or are unemployed and on food-stamps, Obama is no longer going to have a group of people convened to attempt to turn things around. And during this same time, the Federal Government is more worried about doping in professional sports and forcing change in how college football and basketball rankings are calculated, than in addressing the four dead Americans in Benghazi, or the 300+ Mexican citizens murdered with guns sold directly to the Drug Cartels by none other than Messer’s Obama and Holder.

Listen, I don’t want to be Mr. Doom and Gloom, but I don’t have a choice. Spend five minutes on Drudge and read the headlines alone. It’s like a “this is your life” for the Jews in Germany on the first day of them being loaded into boxcars. Seriously, look at where we are . Our debt can NEVER BE PAID BACK. If we went to 100% income tax today, and Obama confiscated every 401K, IRA, and Pension dollar from every account public and private in America, we still couldn’t make a dent in our debt. This is what Hitler did. This is what all despots do. They gain power by making citizens powerless. And what better way to guarantee your subjects are powerless than to disarm them, and then make it at the same time impossible for them to feed their families.

I can’t see how anything that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have done, can be construed as a positive thing for Americans. I know the Libtards are psyched that they will have free rubbers and abortions on our backs. I get that those are things that they really dig, and they really feel are enormous accomplishments for Obama. I get that they think that Obamacare is a great accomplishment, because they haven’t really been hit quite yet by the negative impact that it will have. IRS, as linked to above, says that $20K will be the minimum family cost for Health Insurance under Obamacare. Doctors are retiring younger, so as to not have to live through violating HIPPA (which a patient can sue a doctor for, and which is now required under the moves Holder made yesterday). Hospitals are already closing nation-wide. Taxes have gone up on medical suppliers, which will ultimately make it impossible for many to get joint replacements, as insurance providers pay a lot less for a monthly script of Vicodin for Grandma, than they would for a hip or knee replacement. And lets not forget that Californians are being told to brace for a 300% increase in premiums under full implementation of Obamacare.

This is critical stuff. This is the end of our Republic. Our Congress on both sides of the aisle, are shirking their responsibility. So is SCOTUS. This President is violating the Constitution as a regular course of business, and with the help of the ever subversive MSM, he’s getting away with it. No one is saying a damned word. Darryl Issa is trying to prosecute Fast and Furious, but has no help, and is presently “cutting a deal” with Eric Holder, who was found in contempt of congress. I dare anyone reading this to willingly lie to an FBI agent (which is the same crime as lying to congress). Ask Martha Stewart how lying to a Bureau guy worked out for her! She went to freaking prison. And Holder is cutting a deal? WTF? What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with our elected officials? I don’t give a good crap about party lines, someone in DC must stand up and say that the Constitution of the United States of America, no matter how repugnant to the Marxists running this country, is still the law of our land-the law for EVERYONE, and subverting it for any purpose is a crime-and when it is done by an elected official who took an oath to uphold it, is a high crime-and in the case of the President is TREASON.

I am not going to sit here and bang my hand on my desk and say lets go to war or have a coup and all that stuff. Considering the fact I am not a member of the DNC, and an elected official, I would be immediately arrested by the Feds for attempting to overthrow the government, and under NDAA, which was championed by John McCain, and allows for American Citizens to be arrested without a warrant, and be held indefinitely without due process, they would throw me under the jail. But I am going to ask you all-Republican and Democrat, Independent, and Libertarian: How long will you all allow this to continue on? How long will you sit back and watch our founding principles stamped out, and replaced with totalitarian, fascist, and Marxist edicts, foisted upon you by a likely illegal occupier of the White House? How long will you sit back, sharing articles and talking points on Twitter and Facebook, but not march on DC? How long will you wait before you demand your representatives in DC answer for their crimes? When will you call your Congressman and/or Senator and demand his/her resignation-or start a recall petition?

What does it take to mobilize Americans in the spirit of our founders? At what point will we all say; dammit enough is enough? Will you be sitting at home watching American Idol with the family peacefully when the Obama brownshirts with their 7,000 new AR-15s and their 4 billion rounds of fully jacketed ammo bust down your door? Is that what it will take for you to decide its time to fight back? This is a call to patriots everywhere. Not guns and ammo-but a call to do this thing. Rise up. Show these people in DC who are avoiding the business of the people for personal gain of money and power, that it is time they switch gears and go back to the beginning and do what we sent them there to do-to protect us. Because at some point, those drunk with power become very, very paranoid-which has already begun with the current gun grab. And once the Second Amendment goes, so go all the rest. And as of now, illegal search and seizure occurs every day. …..they started taking our civil rights a long time ago. And while they continue to tell you and the supporters of the other side, you need to hate each other, and you and they get all fired up and attack each other, the powerful bend you over, steal your rights, and you don’t know about it until its too late. The way I see it, there are two kinds of useful fools….those who go along willingly with the tyrants, and those who get caught up fighting themselves, and end up going along because they are too busy fighting useless battles, to see that they have already lost the war.

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