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Colonel Allen West

Colonel Allen West – via Google images – Public Domain

The most incredible irony, not to mention hypocrisy, is how loudly Democrats scream that the Republicans try to suppress votes, when in fact, it’s the other way around.  No matter what conservatives do to try to ensure the integrity of our elections, the left cries foul and then claims that minorities are being disenfranchised. This is followed by the laughable accusation that that Republicans are nothing but a bunch of racists.  This, of course, would be a great punchline of a joke if it weren’t such a serious matter.

  • Photo identification requirement?  Racist!
  • Early voting limits?  Racist!
  • Purging voter lists of illegals?  Racist!
  • Not voting for Barack Obama?  Racist!  (But, of course.)

Countless horror stories of voter fraud have been popping up all over the blogosphere since the election.  Some of them are in the realm of the fantastic, but many, if not most are absolutely verifiable.  One website called Barack Obama Voter Fraud 2012 is attempting to compile a complete list of accounts of voter fraud from around the country.  One of the most stunning videos posted on this site is an April 4, 2012 story from NBC2 in Fort Myers, Florida, where the investigative reporter uncovered over 100 illegal aliens who are not only registered to vote, but have actually voted in past elections.  By far the most disturbing story is that thousands of military votes were not counted in this presidential election.  Some of this was due to states not sending out the absentee ballots in time, but also consider a plane crash in Afghanistan which destroyed almost 5,000 pounds of mail, including military absentee ballots.  If that weren’t heinous enough, in August the Obama Administration sued the state of Ohio to allow an extra three days of early in-person voting for members of the military, many of whom are stationed in remote areas around the world.  For Democrats to claim that early voting restrictions prevent minorities from voting and then turn around and try to suppress military votes is the worst kind of hypocrisy imaginable.

Then there are the incredible stories of unusually high voter turnout (in some districts way over 100% of registered voters!), poll watchers wearing “Obama attire” and GOP poll watchers being forcibly removed from precincts.  These are all easily verifiable by videos, photos, voting records and personal accounts.  And yet, the GOP has been characteristically mute on all of it.  The oxy-moronic liberal media, of course, wear blinders to any voter fraud committed by Democrats.  So far, only the conservative pundits, bloggers and citizen journalists have taken up the cause.

Not surprisingly, almost no one is paying attention to us.  During early voting in North Miami, I alerted attorneys for the Romney campaign about irregularities at a North Miami precinct.  They came.  They took videos.  They followed through by doing nothing.

Since the Republican National Committee was less than thrilled that Mitt Romney was their candidate, it’s also not surprising that they seem to have summarily dismissed any and all charges of voter fraud.  Congress has likewise rolled over and laid out the red carpet for Barack Obama’s return to the throne.

Granted, the corrupt acts of this administration have been perpetuated on such a grand scale that it would take literally hundreds of honest and dedicated public officials to hold Obama accountable for even some of them.  House Republicans, and especially Speaker John Boehner, have wimped out and decided to carry Obama’s water on his way back to the White House.

There have been only a handful of good men and women in Congress who have led the charge, and yet they seem to be fighting a losing battle.  Representatives Darryl Issa, Peter King and Trey Gowdy, who have been literal pitbulls by going after the truth about radical Islam and Benghazi, come to mind.  Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann has been an ardent opponent of Obamacare and defender of the Constitution.  Sadly, no one else comes to mind at the moment.

The greatest loss in this election, however, would be Florida Representative Allen West if he should lose his fight against all the blatant voter fraud that has been perpetrated against him.  The “Kicking Him While He’s Down Award” goes to the Supervisor of Elections of St. Lucie County, Florida, Gertrude Walker, who has decided that recounting only three days’ worth of votes out of an eight day early voting period is enough.  Colonel West initially lost his seat by less than 3,000 votes and has demanded a manual recount.  All kinds of shenanigans have occurred since the election, including the forcible expulsion of witnesses from the recount, election officials not releasing voter sign-in rolls, and not recounting the votes cast on “the days the Supervisor of Elections originally said were compromised by faulty data cards in the machines” according to Allen West campaign manager Tim Edson.  Accordingly, West has filed suit for a preliminary injunction to order a full recount.

Again, where is the GOP?  Where is the House of Representatives?  Where are the Congressional hearings about all the alleged voter fraud that occurred on November 6th?  Are there absolutely no Republicans willing to stand beside Representative West and fight for the truth?  Apparently not.

There are, however, literal armies of citizens who have risen to the occasion.  Scores of supporters have raised over $21 million to help Congressman West’s legal challenge.  They have spent days camping out at the St. Lucie County elections office, and demanding a full and total recount of the votes.

But, by far, the most glaring irony in this whole fiasco is that Colonel Allen West just happens to be black.  Yet, you don’t see anyone from the Black Congressional Caucus or the NAACP, or even the lovely and talented Al Sharpton crying racism.  Ponder that.

Meanwhile, to counter the hypocrisy of the left, with respect to the battle being waged by Allen West and his supporters against voter fraud, I posit the following:

  • Not recounting 100% of all early votes?  Racist!
  • Refusing to release voter sign-in rolls?  Racist!
  • “Recounting” the ballots behind closed doors?  Racist!
  • Not voting for Allen West?  RACIST!

Two can play this game.

Voter fraud, however, is not a game.  In this battle for truth, freedom and liberty, we are fighting for our very lives and the future of America.  Losing one of the Few Good Men in Washington is not an option and we will not go down without a fight.

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