8 Simple Rules For Destroying a Republic


Português: Eu fiz este logotipo para o seriado...

Português: Eu fiz este logotipo para o seriado 8 Simple Rules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We see unfolding before our very eyes the systematic dismantling of the greatest country and political experiment ever devised by the mind of man. How is this being accomplished? How is it being done so quickly and right under our noses? Why? These are questions I hear often and I thought it might be illuminating to put out a primer on the subject.  So here you are:


1. Take the predominant religious ideology of the nation and mock it and its adherents. Do it incessantly until it is no longer considered to be bad form or improper. Find another religion that is completely anathema to the established and dominant religion and to the founding documents of the country itself, and elevate it to an exalted level whereby it is treated as “more legitimate” than the existing religion.  Make sure that the new “preferred” religion is protected from any sort of scrutiny and label anyone who questions the “preferred” religion a bigot or a “hater.” Import as many adherents to the “preferred” religion as possible and be sure to apply little if any oversight to the process. Stand by and watch as the “preferred” religion sets up little “cities within cities” and make excuses for each and every transgression they commit. It is also helpful to always blame their transgressions on law abiding practitioners of the “old” preferred religion.

2. Brainwash the countries youth. Teach them through the use of TV, movies, art and music that their country is inherently evil and full of bad people. Make it clear to them that “the system” has set them up to fail and that they can not make it in life without government intervention. Get to them early as studies have shown that their attitudes toward life are basically concretized by age seven. Beat them over the head like a hot horseshoe with the idea that the country and its people are “unfair” and hateful. Give them a scapegoat (See item 1).

3. Ruin the educational system. Take the free educational system that once was the envy of the world and functioned as the “great equalizer” and turn it into a playground for unions and cultural Marxists. Dumb down the curriculum to the point that a high school graduate is basically a non-functional human with no critical thinking skills and little to offer society. Be sure to fill the students full of ridiculous dogma and revised history because after all, they do vote. Turn these students loose on the world with nothing to offer but an attitude of entitlement and gaming skills. Turn the Universities into crock pots of cultural Marxism. Have the professors spew a steady stream of leftist ideology rather than teach the courses subject matter and be sure that they admonish, mock and fail any student who dares to question their drivel.

4. Open the borders. Be sure to augment the countries supply of home grown, barely literate, unskilled, “workers” with barely  literate, unskilled, “workers” imported from another country or two. For the full effect, it helps if these “workers” speak a different language and have a completely different culture and refuse to assimilate. These people should get special rights and not be held accountable for their actions. Anyone suggesting that these fine folks be subject to the same laws as the legal citizenry should be branded as bigots, haters and racists.  The really great thing about this one is that these folks tend to rely heavily on tax subsidized aid which drains the welfare system and they send most of their money home to “their country” so it’s a double whammy!

5. Gut and demoralize the military. Make sure that the military has to rely on the charity of the citizenry for basic field necessities like gun oil and hygiene supplies.  Extend their tours until they are so exhausted they don’t know their own names. Provide them with really bad healthcare and services. Cut funding for badly needed equipment and supplies while making a big show of lavish spending on unimportant discretionary items. Cut the size of the Navy down to pre-WWI levels. If somebody questions the cuts, tell them they are stupid and mock them.

6. Manipulate the markets. Regulate the economy to the point of strangulation. Pick the economic winners and losers. Be sure that the people writing the regulations and rules are the very people who will profit from them. It is especially helpful if these people have little or no knowledge of  the sector they are regulating. When it becomes apparent that the regulations hurt business and the citizenry, beg for “more time” to allow the “policies” to take effect.

7. Borrow money. Lots of it. Borrow so much money that the Sun will go Supernova before even half of the debt is paid off. Make believe you recognize the severity of the problem and then borrow more money. Demagogue the issue and mock anyone who suggests spending restraint. Propose more confiscatory taxation schemes and imply that these will magically take care of the problem and then borrow more money. When nobody shows up for the Treasury auctions, buy the bonds yourself and then promptly go and borrow some more money. Tell the public that the borrowing will “create jobs” and then go out and borrow more money. When the profligate spending results in inflation and the public takes notice, tell them “happy days are here again” that you have “saved the economy” and then go borrow some more money.

8. Convince the country that the principles upon which it was built, that enabled it to become the strongest and most prosperous nation in human history are the “ideas of the past.” Ask the public why they would want to return to the “failed policies of the past.” Make sure you tinker with the economy (see 6 and 7 above) so that you have some failure to point to and highlight. Be very sure to point out that it was not you who tinkered with the economy. Enlist a sycophantic media to advance your lies for you. The folks described in numbers 2 and 3 above will eat it right up. In parallel with this, present your own fresh, new invigorating ideas. Just be sure to leave out the fact that your ideas are mostly influenced by Kant (died 1804), Hegel (died 1831), Engels (died 1895), Marx (died 1883) and Dewey (died 1952).


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